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KickStarter #5 is LIVE!!!

Get 1668 chipboard tokens for $250.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Thank you for your support in 2018.

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Normally orders take about 10-15 days to ship but, if you need it sooner, just let us know.

Your game is our first priority. We're going to do whatever it takes to keep you happy.

Orders placed by May-29 it will ship by Jun-3.

All orders placed before May-27 have been completed!

...and will ship by Tuesday May-30.

All orders placed before May-5 have been completed!

They will ship over the next 2-3 business days after passing quality control.

We've hired two part-time token makers!

Orders are now completed every single weekend and ship shortly thereafter. We're still asking for 10-20 business days for now to be on the safe side. You're all so awesome. Thank you!

We are grateful that after two years of searching we've finally found a couple of wonderful people that are capable of making tokens to our very high standard. We are super excited to bring them on-board and look forward to getting your tokens to you in a more timely fashion! Even though most orders are now shipping in 5-7 business days we're still asking for 15-20 business days to complete your custom order.

Happy New Year everyone!

We have hired someone part-time to help us manage the shop. More to come...

We hope, that with their help, orders will be ship quicker in the new year.

A new gamer was added to the gamemash family yesterday!

She weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz. and both she and her mother are happy and healthy.

Thank you to everyone for their patience and support in the 2016 year!

Orders are currently taking about 3 weeks to ship.

This is subject to change based on order volume. Thank you for your support!

Special *BONUS* for every order placed before Jan 1.

The selection will depend on order size and is somewhat random but might include a limited edition 3 inch Baba Yaga hut and several other rare tokens!

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It has come to our attention that the edge browser and iPhone browser does not work with amazon login.

We will resolve this issue in the next couple weeks.

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We will let you know when we have more capacity. Thank you for your support.

Orders placed prior to Sept 15 should ship by Oct 9.

We are running quite a ways behind but are getting caught up. Thank you for your patience.

Baba Yaga's hut is finished!

This is definitely one of our most beautiful tokens so far.

All current orders will ship by July-27!

Please get your order in ASAP to be included in the current production run.

Most of the the Curse tokens are here!

Vampire Monster Tokens are Coming!

Many of them are already complete.

We'll update the site in the coming weeks with the new tokens as they arrive. We have 20+ new tokens slated all of them useful for the current and future campaign.

We're working on a minor update to the site.

Please let us know via the customer portal if you experience any bugs. Thank you!

We're going to be cleaning the site up a bit and making it easier to navigate.

New vampire token is in!

Look for it in the next few days.

All tokens ordered before March-7 will ship April-8!

All tokens ordered before April-10 will ship April-18. Sorry for delay!

What token do you want us to work on next?

We're already working on dinosaurs and those should be finished in the two months.

We have almost all monsters covered at this point but we're always looking for new tokens to create. If you have any other ideas you'd like to share please do!

The 3 main familiars are now complete!

A glimpse of the Imp, Fairy Dragon and Quasit familiars will land in your inbox soon.

Orders placed before Jan 20, 2015 have been shipped.

New familiar miniature tokens are on the horizon!

Imp, pseudo dragon and more are on their way.

Read our next email to get a glimpse of the beautiful familiars that will become available this month.

All orders placed prior to 1/17/2016 ship by Tuesday.

There's still time to get tokens for Christmas!

Place your order by the Dec-15 and we'll ship your order by the 21st using 2 day shipping!

Over a dozen new pieces have been commissioned!

Gray dwarves are one of the many new pieces we'll add to the library soon.

We are excited to announce that two of our very favorite artists have been commissioned to illustrate over a dozen new pieces for us. Some of the illustrations include various humanoids and much more. Stay tuned and thank you for your support!

New tokens ready to be added to website.

The derro, aboleth and piercer are our best illustrations to date in my humble opinion...

In the next few days we'll be adding a new derro (one of my all time favorites), aboleth, flumph and an *AMAZING* piercer.

Added illustrations for several new monsters.

Added 4 hags, a mushroom man, a squidman, 3 new trolls, a harpy, a crawling claw, a brain beak, 3 molds and a xorn!

Huge site update!

If you are a regular user of the site you will want to read more...

Shopping cart has been enhanced dramatically. You can now customize all items in the cart from a single page. You can get to the page from the "Customize all tokens in cart" link at the bottom of the cart. You can edit quantities of a custom token in the cart. The mobile site received another big update this weekend. Packages will now only show a list of all tokens in the package after clicking the "Show details" link. Many other minor tweaks were made to the site in the last week as well.

We had a slight glitch today with Login with Amazon.

If you had an issue logging in before please try again.

We tried to use the inline Login with Amazon feature for a few hours this evening but it wasn't authenticating users correctly so we had to revert back to the old popup window for authentication. We will try again later this week. We apologize for any annoyance this may have caused.

Mobile friendlier site has launched.

Some users continue to have issues logging in using Amazon on mobile devices but this will be fixed very soon.

New mobile friendly site will launch soon.

Please excuse the mess while we work on the site. If you encounter any issues just let us know via the customer service portal.

Thank you for your support during this busy time. We expect the majority of changes to be finalized by 9/7.

"Princes" token pack is complete.

This token pack covers 70% of all monsters encountered in the 4th module.

This was an onerous task as the 4th module contains over 135 unique monsters and 25 villains. As we didn't raise enough money in our last KickStarter to handle all of the NPC villains the token pack won't include those. Of the remaining 135 monsters, 46 of them are slated for production and the rest we already have. If you pick up the "Princes" collection you're going to be able to cover 80% of the encounters in the module. For the rest you can just wing it.

Major site update is complete.

Complete token packs have been improved and a "blog" feature has been implemented.

Most of the improvements were made on the administrative side so you can't see most of the enhancements. We have added a blog feature to help keep you all up to date with our progress.

Grell is complete.

This was a fun one.

Harpy is complete.

New monsters are on their way!

Grell, Xorn, Aboleth, Hags, Djinn, Squidmen and new Dragons are on the horizon.

The condition icons are complete!

They are now available for ordering via the catalog. We will be adding the images in the next few days.

The condition icons are almost complete!

After much deliberation we have decided to go back to the drawing board on a couple of the effect tokens.

As you know we do everything to the very best of our ability and although our original concepts for a few of the effects were solid they just weren't good enough. A few that gave us the biggest problem were unconscious and blessed. That said these will be redesigned and will be available for your collections in the next few days!

GENCON Discount has ended.

A KickStarter discount without the wait.

Congrats to everyone that took advantage of the 20% discount!

Final art has begun on map and monster effect counters!

We've spent a few months figuring out exactly which effects to cover first.

There are literally hundreds of spell and condition effects in table top role playing games but a few seem to be the most common so this is where we decided to start. We narrowed our starting icons down to the 24 most important and they are: blessed, blinded, bloodied, flooded, deafened, afraid, burning, slowed, grappled, hasted, incapacitated, invisible, paralyzed, cursed, petrified, poisoned, prone, restrained, shielded, sleeping, mesmerized, charmed, stunned and unconscious. There were many that didn't make the final cut but they will be included in future condition packs (choking, webbed, etc.) After figuring out which effects to cover we had to figure out the most effective way to represent each effect as a simple icon. This turned out to be far more difficult than we anticipated but we're sure you'll like the results.

All orders have been manufactured, packed and shipped.

All orders placed up to and including 7/22 have been manufactured, packed and shipped.

We now have about a 5 day turn around time on orders.

The 7/17 to 7/20 promotion has ended.