abyss monster miniature tokens

We work with top fantasy artists to design beautiful, low cost monster, hero and villain token miniatures for table-top role playing games.

Our token miniatures are used by all kinds of gamers for all kinds of games including: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Wild Wild West and Science Fiction games.
Our tokens are the best tokens you can buy. They are custom made in the USA with materials sourced in the USA and Europe.
We need your help. Please, help us fund our amazing artists, by sharing our website with other gamers that might be interested. Feel free to post to Reddit, Facebook and forums on other sites. Thank you in advance!
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Orders placed by May-29 it will ship by Jun-3.

All orders placed before May-27 have been completed!

...and will ship by Tuesday May-30.

All orders placed before May-5 have been completed!

They will ship over the next 2-3 business days after passing quality control.

game mash - monster miniature

Gamers are saying:

“These are the highest quality tokens on the market!”

“They stay where they are supposed to on my Battlemat/Paizo flipmats.”

“Printing is Great!”

“My players love them.”

“Completely changed our game.”

“These are Crazy Cool!”